Encounters…dating experiences and other strange conversations

Yesterday I learned that I can flirt in French.

Gene and I went back to Vaison to pick up the extra firm cushions for his chairs in the living room (60 euros…78 american dollars).  We got to Vaison exactly noon.  They were locking up shop, but opened the door to give us the cushions.  The father of the man who initially took the order was there and said he was the father in French.  I said “Pere?, mais non, il est votre frere!” (translation, no…he is your brother!)  The man laughed and told his son what I had said.  I was thinking, “God, you’re good!”




We decided it would be a great afternoon for the beach so we drove 1 1/2 hour to Camargue.  We went to a “naturalist” beach (clothes-optional) called Espiquette.  Don’t ask… you already know the answer!  🙂 It was 85 degrees and the sun shone all afternoon.


Sunset In Seguret

Sunset In Seguret



I got this great shot of the sunset from Gene’s Terrace that I wanted to share with you.


We got home at 6:30 pm and there was a message on the phone.  We were invited to dinner at Robert’s house (a close friend who organizes and leads cycle tours in France).  Robert made; poisson (fish), pommes de terres au gratin (potatoes), beaucoup des fromages (cheese), plus du vin (wine) and chocolate.  A lovely evening
and we got home at 11:30 pm.



Today, Saturday, Sept. 14th, we went to Uzes, an hour and a half ride from Seguret to see the Pont du Gard , a Roman Aqueduct. The highest aqueduct in the world.  Built for the aqueduct of Nimes to cross the Gard river.

Ampitheatre in Orange

Ampitheatre in Orange



On the way there we passed through Orange, where I stopped to take a picture of the ampitheatre (the best preserved ampitheatre in all of Europe with the best acoustics).  The “Phantom of The Opera” is currently being performed.




Ponte de Gard

Pont du Gard

We continued to Uzes and arrived at the Pont du Gard to find out that there was no admission fee today.  We saved 20 euros.  We walked by a little touristy shopping and eating area with museum, and went straight to the aqueduct which had a river running under it being used for several water activities including bathing and swimming.  We sat on the banks for 45 minutes and walked to the exit where I picked up a flyer with information on the famous Pont du Gard.


Uzes Wedding Procession

Uzes Wedding Procession

We decided to go to the center of Uzes.  Uzes has a beautiful town center with a big piazza and fountain, and lots of little shops and restaurants. We saw horse-drawn buggies making their way down the narrow streets, and also were delighted to see a wedding procession coming toward us.  Everyone looked so beautiful.  I actually had to run down the street to get in position to get some photos.

We shopped and bought some candles that we needed for tonight as Gene is cooking dinner for his next door neighbors that I have not seen in a year. I should go downstairs and help him.  He told me to come upstairs and get my blog going.  I  didn’t argue! An hour and a half later no help from me.  Payback is a bitch!!

Thanks for reading…A bientot! (see you soon)

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