About Me

headshotsmallI spent the greatest number of my years being “Mom” to my son and daughter.  I had little dating experience before I married and when I reentered the world of dating some 25 years later it was a culture shock.  I was totally unprepared for the changes that had taken place.  To put it mildly, the first three men that I dated after my divorce really confused the hell out of me.  (I’m a slow learner plus I’m a giver which has worse consequences than being a slow learner.)

Although I understood that many men were not interested in commitment, the women’s movement had given women equality to pay the dinner bill, and texting was in vogue… it still did not feel quite right to me.

I started documenting my experiences with the idea of writing a book to share with other women who were dating and lacking the tools necessary to be able to spot the difference between an honest man, a player and a con man.  They are all out there!

I moved into Boston six years ago and have evolved much since then.

My experiences have given me insights into human behavior that I had not fully understood. I’ve learned to laugh at myself (even more at others) and appreciate the differences in the sexes.  Men and women do view the world differently, period.  End of discussion.

So, with no medical degrees I enter the blogging arena with my dating experiences to share and advice to offer (with humor) that other women may avoid costly mistakes and enjoy the dating experience as it was meant to be enjoyed.

I welcome any dating observations, revelations or epiphanies that you may want to share.

Dee Acampa