The French Riviera: Antibes

September 23, 2013

Yes, this is beginning to feel like a whirlwind tour.  We started the day off in Antibes at 9:00 am and finished in Monte Carlo at 5:00 pm.  It was a lot of driving and we managed to stop off at Eze also on the way to Monaco.

Antibes Beach

Antibes Beach



We decided to go to Antibes first, where Picasso spent many years of his life painting.  The Picasso Museum in the center of town holds paintings of Picasso throughout his life.    The views of the sailboats, yachts and beaches near the museum were breathtaking.





Antibes Market

Antibes Market

Every morning in Antibes there is a huge market where everything from meats, fish,vegetables and herbs are found.  Also there is a section where antiques are sold.  We leisurely strolled through the market and selected two delicious quiches to go with our morning cafe.  We walked along the flower lined streets and enjoyed mingling with the natives.






Linens & Things in Antibes

Linens & Things in Antibes

The outdoor cafes, the little book stores were all quite charming.   We turned a corner to find a large outdoor market selling linens, womens clothing and jewelry.  I made a few purchases.







Antibes, Cotes d'Azur

Antibes, Cotes d’Azur


There’s a major waterfront restoration taking place in Antibes which will transform the area.  It will house an outdoor multi-level parking garage with lovely rest and walking areas, all with spectacular ocean views.


I really loved the time I spent in Antibes.  We wanted to make sure that we got to Nice so we spent the morning in Antibes and headed to Nice for the afternoon.



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