July 2013

IMG_0059Why do we put ourselves through this crazy ritual we call dating?  Over and over again we build up our hopes thinking this person may just be “The One.”

Who is “The One?” 

What Does “The One” look like?   

What Separates “The One” from all the rest?

I questioned several people and found that “The One” is very different for each person.  No one can tell you about “The One” for you.  They will not always see what you see or understand the connection. And, it is all about connecting.  You’ll be thinking, “this person really gets me.”

“The One” doesn’t have to be the most handsome, the smartest, the richest, the smoothest, the strongest, etc..

‘The One’ is the only person who you connect with on a deeper level.  The person who makes your heart feel light and happy just to talk to.  The person who actually finds joy in making you happy.   When you are with ‘The One’, there is no time of day (including the middle of the night) that is off-limits for a conversation.

‘The One’ will always make you feel like you are the most beautiful, the smartest, the sexiest, the funniest, and simply the best person.

‘The One’ connects with you like no other.  ‘The One’ is the only one who really understands what a gift you are to this world.  And in the recesses of your heart you finally feel truly loved and valued.

A friend of mine recently married off her second child.  She told me how she always knew when ‘The One’ showed up for her children.  It was a totally different relationship that she observed.  Each person became their best self when they were with ‘The One.’

I believe this is why we continue to engage in this crazy ritual we call dating.  We’re just searching for ‘The One.’

When did you know ‘The One’ had finally arrived?


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July 1, 2013

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