June 2013

It’s summertime and the “livin’ is easy” as the song goes.

Me and Red In Faneuil Hall

Me and Red In Faneuil Hall

Everywhere you go joggers and cyclists are buzzing around.  The outdoor cafes are alive with laughter.  Parks are bursting with activity.  Sailboats and power boats are sharing the harbor.  For me, it’s the “most wonderful time of the year.”   Nothing makes you feel more alive than being outdoors in the summer.

Start thinking outside the box (bar) when you’re looking for your next playmate. Five things you might want to try instead of bars:

  1. Join an online Meetup group in your locality.  They range from activity-oriented such as frisbee, cycling, sailing, hiking, soccer,…to technical (wordpress, internet marketing), or events-oriented such as dinners, dances, wine tasting, book club, and classical interests.
  2. Take an Adult Education class like cooking or wine tasting.  I chose an intermediate French class as I wanted to polish up on my French.  But, I noticed the mixed crowd in the kitchens (as I passed by on my way upstairs)…always animated.  It felt like a party at someone’s house.  I wanted to crash it!
  3. Volunteer for an event you are passionate about.  If you like to run, volunteer for the half-marathons or running events. Even better, join a running club or Meetup for informal runners.  You don’t have to be a marathoner.  There will be runners of all levels. You’ll meet people who share your passion.
  4. Google weekend events in your city.  There may be a special event you never thought of such as an “antique car exhibition.”  Where there are fancy cars, there are always men.  And you’ll love the older model cars.  So cool!
  5. Check out the “live music scene” in your city.  There are usually some top 40 bands performing outdoor concerts, and solo artists performing throughout the city.  In Boston, there are free outdoor concerts all summer long at the Boston Harbor Hotel.  From Monday to Thursday, 6pm – 10pm, there are live bands showcasing all music from Rat Pack Mondays, Soul Tuesdays, Country-Pop Wednesdays and Blues Thursdays.

So, get out of the house, shake it up, and have some fun this summer!


Breaking Up Is Never Easy

June 24, 2013

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June 19, 2013

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June 14, 2013

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June 10, 2013

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Married Men Plentiful Bounty

June 7, 2013

I did my research.  Consensus is….if you know from the start that it is only temporary, and you are not falling in love…you have needs that must be met.  Go for it.  After all, this is a quality person, right?  He is smart, classy, always sexy, takes you to fine restaurants, makes you feel like […]

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Flirting 102?

June 4, 2013

I was talking to some of my close friends about my flirting blog.  It was interesting how differently they responded.  Bill had a difficult time believing that it took a class on flirting to give me the courage to walk up to a total stranger.  Susan said she was terrible at flirting.. was not comfortable […]

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Learning How To Flirt…..Priceless!

June 1, 2013

I took a two hour class on flirting.  I figured I needed help with my game as I was not in a committed relationship.  The course was titled “Flirting: The Psychology of Instant Sexual Attraction.”  Dr. Judith Swack was the teacher at the Boston Center For Adult Education. We discussed what it means to flirt […]

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